E033: E-Mobility and Energy Storage with Mercedes Energy Americas CEO and Yann’s SolarWakeup Views

By Yann Brandt

What: Interview with Mercedes Benz Energy Americas CEO, Future of e-mobility and Yann’s View On The Topic

Summary: In this interview, Yann speaks with the CEO of Mercedes Benz Energy Americas, Boris von Bormann. Boris was previously the CEO of Sonnen in the US and has a background in solar prior to that. The conversation includes information about how the energy and transportation sectors converge going forward. What is the value of solar to the storage industry and how does it relate to the EV sector. This is a fast paced interview with a ton of information.

SolarWakeup View: Prior to the interview you can hear Yann’s extended view on e-mobility and where it has become. Now that utilities and oil companies are competitors, you see both of them getting into solar. This isn’t an accident. Both trillion dollar sectors (oil/fuels and utilities) recognize solar and storage to be the cheapest and most valuable energy going forward.


EnergyWakeup Episode 033 – Future of Energy Storage With Mercedes Benz Energy Americas CEO, Yann’s Thoughts

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