This is your SolarWakeup for December 4th, 2017

Another DC Week. I will be heading to DC this morning for a week of solar activities culminating in SolarWakeup Live! on Wednesday which is occurring at the same time as the solar rally in front of the US Trade Representative hearing on the 201 case. Of course the conversation about tax reform supplements the 201 process that is ongoing. At Live! we will talk about much of this with Amy Harder, Rep. Gonzalez-Colon, Lidija Sekaric, Kerinia Cusick, Andrea Luecke, Colin Murchie and Tony Clifford. Last minute tickets still available.

BEAT Tax Issue.  The Senate’s version of the tax reform bill includes the onerous BEAT (base erosion anti-abuse tax) provision that could reduce the ITC investments by multinational corporations significantly. As the bill proceeds to the conference, lobbyists from many sectors are mobilizing to argue their points. Expect to get some coverage on this topic from SolarWakeup this week once I chase down a tax lawyer for you all.

Small C&I. A new podcast is out today, my conversation with SunWealth CEO, Jon Abe. SunWealth is doing interesting things around the small C&I market from a financing standpoint and how they evaluate the credit profile in that segment. The company also partnered with a corporate to help with scaling, perhaps a sign of things to come. Catch the conversation here.

Sign My NDA. The headline from late last week was the Canadian Solar and Longi had engaged in conversations with Suniva for the purposes of acquisition. My reporting says that this has not gone much further than opening a data room for the companies by the Suniva representatives. This is in many ways like using a signed NDA as a way to show you’ve advanced a project. I remain skeptical that any 201 deal would get Suniva approval unless one of the following happens – a retroactive tariff payment to US manufacturers that yields cash in SQN’s pocket or an acquisition of the company entirely.

NY Storage. Big headlines out of New York about energy storage as the Governor signs a promising policy. More to come on this topic soon and it will be part of the conversation at SolarWakeup Live! New York.

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Have a great day!