This is your SolarWakeup for November 14th, 2017

Great Response. There are days I wonder if you are listening to anything I write but then there are days like yesterday. Over 1,000 of you went to the USTR site to make your comments heard. Plus I am sure many of you asked your colleague to do the same. Keep up the pressure and ask your partner companies to do the same. Use an engineer, a lawyer, an accountant that depends on your business to be successful? Send them the link today!

National Security. Jobs, consumer cost, and now national security – all worthy editorial content on why the 201 petition is bad for America. The military has been ahead of the game when it comes to renewable energy for far longer than the rest of the government. These op-eds are crucial to show the diverse and unanimous opposition to companies that look to destroy an industry for their own good.

No Sympathy To SolarWorld. This is the third time in the US that SolarWorld looks to step on hundred of thousand jobs for the enrichment of its investors and executives. During the second anti-dumping case, I publicly called for solar people to stop supporting SolarWorld by no longer buying their products. Unless there are consequences outside of this process, like no sales, SolarWorld will continue to find bailouts wherever possible. This includes all partners. Taking money to help advance the SolarWorld goals, means you are taking sides. Lawyers, accountants, marketers – run away and find business from the solar industry away from SolarWorld. That is the only way to stop this behavior that hurts us all. This may be an unpopular opinion but I doubt I am the only thinking it.

Pennsylvania SRECs. In-State SRECs only for Pennsylvania compliance. Let’s see how the market grows from here going forward, looking for 5 year strips to drive some growth in the market.

SMART Goes Live. You heard it hear yesterday and the interview with Mike Judge will get published tomorrow. SMART RFP has been released and bidding will start soon. Be wise with your strategy and how it overlaps with the 201 case.

Kerry Plots Legacy. It sounds like John Kerry is pushing emerging economies to look at other sources of energy besides coal, namely renewable energy. He was a rockstar at the Paris COP and pushing this agenda abroad is fantastic.

Bonn Bonn. The global community is not surprised by the lack of US involvement at the COP23 hearing. I continue to be amazed and surprised by the leadership from Governors like Jerry Brown and leaders like Mike Bloomberg (Go Hopkins!). We need more Cities and State level politicians to push for 100% renewable energy policies and local leadership on solar policies. As an industry, focus on changing the rules at your City Hall, it is a much easier and immediate path to market development.

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Have a great day!