This is your SolarWakeup for November 10th, 2017

Today is Veteran’s Day and a great time to thank all veterans working alongside us in the solar industry. I also want to thank the leaders that give opportunity and seek out veterans when the time comes to work as a civilian.

10 Minutes. 10 People. The trade rep hearing on the 6th is a big deal. SEIA is likely to be planning some great and public participation that you should look for. In the meantime take ten minutes and get ten colleagues to do the same to send your comments to the trade representative about what this 201 petition means to you, your job and your company. 10 minutes times ten people. That’s what we need.

Rocking The Policy. Vote Solar is doing some pretty awesome things and getting involved in policy battles across the Country. They are also growing and adding superstars to the already stacked team, (much like the Miami Heat team a few years ago). Keep watching them, and their efforts.

Steyer. Is compiling quite the email list with his impeachment efforts. Moreover, with the likely tracking code on the website, he is capturing the Fox & Friends viewers that are coming back to his website. The retargeting I would do would then show a Facebook ad for Trump support with an email capture system there. Information warfare starts with someone clicking a link. The stated goal is 2million emails, which would give him almost 2% of the last election, which is a great place to start if you want to run any sort of issue campaign.

Painter’s Union. In this conversation with Tom Matzzie he tells the story of his time as a union organizer and his experience working with a painter looking to join the union. Painters had to spend many hours working on political related advocacy to advance their union. Learning to educate those that affect their business was classified as a requirement. If you compare the importance of policy in the painting sector versus solar, ask yourself the importance of investing the time to advocate.

Dollars In Dallas. This is a brutal headline for local politicians and may be the best news push of the 201 petition. Losing $100million investment in a single County is brutal for a county admin and this is happening across the South because of the trade case. If you know a project halted, at risk, let’s put it into the newspapers.


Have a great day!