This is your SolarWakeup for August 8th, 2017

Net Metering Time Shift. In what appears to be a more substantial story, the SDG&E rate case is moving forward with an important data point that many in CA have been waiting for. The 11am-6pm on peak window will apparently shift to 4pm-9pm. That’s a duck curve phenomenon that will be taking out on distributed generation which doesn’t even get counted in the State’s RPS. I don’t know what the delta is between the 11am rate window and the 4pm rate window but I wonder if CPUC will give that delta to the utility scale projects? If I were to add storage to the large projects, will the PPAs be allowed to monetize that time shift in response to the new rate windows? I think not. On the other hand, the load shifting will be cheered by the storage companies because their value proposition is now quantifiable above and beyond the demand reduction.

The Berkshire Energy Headline. Tagging on to the next story, Berkshire made news with the increase in net income to the renewable energy unit. Interestingly, Berkshire owns PacifiCorp which owns Rocky Mountain Power, the same utility that was afraid of a few solar homes. After NV Energy’s stance on solar it seems that Berkshire may want their cake and eat it too just depending on which business unit is active in the State. I welcome Berkshire in utility scale but wish they and other IOUs would realize that solar homes mean more reliable grids for large solar and solar homes mean more homeowners that buy electric vehicles.

A Deal in Utah? A bit of a surprising turn in news regarding the Utah fight around net metering. I doubt the net metered solar market is large but solar is taking the fight anywhere that solar is under attack. This week there is a public hearing and solar was mobilizing, I received an email early yesterday. Part of the conversation with Rocky Mountain Power was apparently about reopening their ratecase to see if they were overcharging the consumers due to lower fuel costs. Executives would have quickly done the math to see what was larger, solar losses (which are probably nothing) or return of dollars for lower fuel costs.


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