This is your SolarWakeup for May 19th, 2017

Shortened summaries today, since it is Friday and who wants to read on a Friday. Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be in San Diego next week so stay tuned for a conversation on solar plus storage.

Now We Know. Want to know the impact of a protectionist policy that will protect no jobs? Look no further, IHS has the research.

The Curtailment Risk. Curtailment reductions on revenues for large scale projects were discussed much in recent years. Buyers would typically value the entire revenue stream but that looks like a new regulatory risk.

The Energy Storage Road Show is moving forward now scheduling the week of June 5th in Los Angeles!

Green Legos. When someone gives my kids a lego as a gift, it is hard for me to let them open and build it themselves. Now that Lego has reached its corporate goal on renewable energy, I’ll definitely take it from them.


Have a great day!