This is your SolarWakeup for May 17th, 2017

Are Yieldcos making a comeback? CEO and data whiz at kWh Analytics has a unique view of our solar industry. He chronicles the rise, growth and fall of the yieldco environment with a preview of what is yet to come. There may be less yieldco businesses but maybe that can lead to more success with specialty sponsors. A good read and interesting point of view.

Virginia Wants to Lead. We finally find out what is really going on at Monticello! Terry McAuliffe is making a play for a carbon cap. It is rare for Governors to propose ideas with specificity without a way to get to implementation and in Virginia the Republican party was quick to denounce the move. These goals are going to get reached regardless of the policy but as the market shows that ‘regulatory overreach’ actually matches up, people won’t be afraid of setting goals.

The Energy Storage Road Show is happening, starting May 22nd in San Diego!

Big Corporate Invests in Small and Early. It doesn’t surprise me that this headline is coming out, just surprised it hasn’t happened earlier. I pitched this previously because what better way to see what problems you have in your big company than looking for innovation in startups. Forget the upside of the investment, the upside in improving your company is potentially enormous. I challenge more large companies in the solar market to do this, plus it doesn’t have to be expensive. For a few hundred thousand dollars, your company can get great exposure to the next innovative idea.


Have a great day!