EnergyWakeup – Episode 1 Sponsored by MMA Energy Capital

In our first Podcast, you’ll go behind the headlines to examine the Trump transition on energy and climate change. You’ll learn about a leaked internal memo laying out Trump’s step-by-step plan to reverse the 8 years of progress under President Obama. You’ll hear about a witch hunt Trump has launched at the Department of Energy for civil servants who work on climate issues. You’ll meet the key players who Trump has already appointed. And you’ll get a preview of the scariest potential appointment of all, which is about to become reality.

It has been a historic week (for the worse) on energy and climate. This podcast will catch you up on the critical events that will impact our energy future.

This episode is sponsored by MMA Energy Capital, provider of development, construction and project level debt. If you are searching for a great partner with capital, let them know you heard about them on EnergyWakeup.