The Solar Jobs Census Needs Your Help

 I need your help! Please get this information to your executives and HR departments. we need everyone around the Country to fill out the jobs survey. The importance cannot be understated especially now. Solar is a unifying issue in politics but we need more information to ensure the politicians are aware of the magnitude that this is reality.

Follow this link to the Survey:

The Solar Foundation is working with the U.S. Department of Energy and BW Research Partnership on the United States Energy and Employment Report and our annual National Solar Jobs Census reports.

This year, the U.S.  Department of Energy is surveying the energy, energy efficiency, and motor vehicle business community to provide policy makers, business leaders and energy stakeholders with key information about these critical sectors of our economy. 

As in years past with our Solar Jobs Census, this confidential, voluntary survey will take between fifteen to thirty minutes of your time and will provide us the valuable feedback we need to ensure the needs of companies like yours are well understood by the Energy Department, other federal agencies, and energy stakeholders. 

Follow this link to the Survey:

With detailed solar industry information in hand, these stakeholders will have the data to support this growing industry and address challenges that may exist.

Please be assured that your individual responses will remain strictly confidential.