Florida Polling Shows Anti-Solar Amendment Behind

In a poll commissioned by SolarCity, released today by SEIA, Amendment 1 is showing a change in sentiment from the voters. In the most recent poll, 51% of respondents said that will definitely or probably vote yes on the amendment. That is a steep decrease from a month ago when 71% said that yes would likely be their vote.
The poll was conducted over two periods. From 9/29 – 10/09 and from 10/20 – 10/25 which showed the change in sentiment by the likely voters. 528 respondents were polled and a strong level of support for definitely voting yes was found at 30% meaning that the amendment needs another 30% to reach the 60% required to pass. 22%, down from 40%, still find themselves leaning towards yes while 11% are undecided, down from 15%.

Utilities and other interests have pumped over $26 million into the effort to persuade Floridians to vote yes, which is a vote against solar. The effort is a one-sided advertising blitz for voters in Florida with ads shown on web pages and TV channels in full force. Advocates against the amendment have been active on social media and received every major newspaper endorsement. To add some advocacy heft, SEIA President Tom Kimbis is headed to Florida this week to help local efforts. Kimbis said today, “Floridians are waking up to the fact they are being deceived and it is absolutely critical – no matter what the poll numbers – that they go to the polls or mail in ballots to say NO to Amendment 1.”
On Wednesday, FlaSEIA and Floridians for Solar Choice filed a lawsuit asking the Florida Supreme Court to reconsider the ballot amendment. The groups also asked the Secretary of State to embargo the results until the court has ruled. At hand, according to the groups, is the new information from the leaked audio referencing the misleading political jiu-jitsu. The groups argue that there is now “proof of the deception and potential misconduct” by the backers of the amendment.