EnergyWakeup – Episode 3 – Interview with SEIA President, Abby Hopper, and Bryan explains what NV Energy is really doing

In this Episode, sponsored by Conductive Capital,  Yann and Bryan cover a wide range of important topics for the solar and cleantech industry. Yann interviews Abby Hopper, the new SEIA CEO and President, who joins the solar industry after leading the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. We cover her vision for SEIA, how to get new members to join and if she sees SEIA working with EEI, the utility’s lobbying group.

Bryan and Yann go into the nominating hearings of Scott Pruitt, and why the environmental groups are trying to make him the target, why the nominees are normalizing Rex Tillerson, a man that is synonymous with Exxon, and Rick Perry’s continuing ability to make soundbites for SNL.

At the State level, Bryan covers what is actually happening in Nevada with NV Energy’s latest filing and if it really matters. Yann argues that the solar industry may be getting too soft when it comes to playing politics.

Listen to the Episode and subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher. This episode was supported by Conductive Capital, a distributed generation platform looking to acquire your projects.

EnergyWakeup – Episode 2 – Bryan and I discuss the Trump Energy Cabinet and the fight in Arizona

In this episode, Bryan and I go over the latest in the Trump cabinet and how those picks affect the solar and cleantech space. When it comes to politics, there are inside and outside influences that can affect the outcome, listen to this episode to see where companies should be paying attention. California is transitioning to NEM 2.0 and Arizona may be setting a precedent on how utilities could slow play their attacks on solar.

This episode is sponsored by MMA Energy Capital, provider of development, construction and project level debt. If you are searching for a great partner with capital, let them know you heard about them on EnergyWakeup.

This is your SolarWakeup for November 18th, 2013

This morning’s Wakeup coming from the skies as I make my way to the Distributed Solar Summit in San Diego.  Speaking on a panel later today to discuss how PACE markets are changing the solar industry for the better.  While credit issues keep good solar projects from moving forward, financing innovation like Demeter’s PACE3P products will help advance solar investment in commercial markets.  Stay tuned for more insight from this conference all week!



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