This is your SolarWakeup for February 12th, 2018

SunShot. Greetings from DC, where I am going to be for the next few days to peer review the SunShot Summit. I’ve long been a big fan of the work that the SunShot team has enabled through their funding while pushing for results. I know many startups in solar that were able to move forward in a market lacking the seed stage capital needed to get a company off the ground.

Here We Go Again. The NOPR didn’t go where lobbyists had desired when they drafted the subsidy for coal plants for Rick Perry. Now they are pushing the issue again without the onerous regulatory and oversight process. The coal industry is looking for Perry to use emergency powers to prop up the dirty and unprofitable power plants.

Slow Your Ratebase. I’m going to keep the Vote Solar fanboy editorials going until you’ve all given some of your advocacy budget to the company. First in Michigan and now in North Carolina, Vote Solar is getting involved in big rate base initiatives which is really smart. Typically, the solar industry goes into a process asking for something. Now, the advocacy team is going in when the utility wants a big handout and putting itself in the way of a big rate base increase. Most requests of this magnitude end up in a settlement, which is a great place for the solar industry to be to ask for things.

Startup Arctic. Solving local issues with local startups makes a lot of sense. Launch Alaska is doing exactly that, highlighting Alaska’s unique energy challenges and already unique infrastructure, 12% of the grid is on microgrids, the non-profit program is looking to help make the system more efficient. High electricity costs makes the startup ideas become immediately feasible since the financial value of each kWh is much higher.

Save The Snow. You probably watched some of the Winter Olympics this weekend, expertly judging the jumps and knocking the quad that failed into a triple axle. I’m with you, the landing could have been better. When you speak to the athletes that spend time on the mountains, they tell you about their worries about the snow in the future.


Have a great day!