This is your SolarWakeup for February 9th, 2018

I am headed back to Miami right now after a great week in SF. More on the work that we’re doing on Monday. Always exciting to dig into new advisory work to help great companies grow in the solar industry. More info on the next SolarWakeup Live! coming soon. Have a great weekend!

CalSEIA -> CalSSA. The state solar trade group that leads the Country’s biggest solar State is moving forward in a big way. CalSEIA is renaming itself CalSSA, the California Solar and Storage Association. I was surprised by the obviousness of the move and quickly wondered why nobody else had done that, especially SEIA. Energy storage is clearly the improvement of solar generation that is coming and letting other groups take that advocacy away from solar generation is ridiculous. Board members tell me that while discussion is centered around how this relates to policy, a rebranding discussion has not come up in any meaningful way. Question is why not…

Contributor Input. You will see a new feature in SolarWakeup today, a contributor piece from a solar market leader. If you have a relevant message that informs or advances the solar industry, you can submit your piece to SolarWakeup going forward.

Your State Advocacy. When you think of the trade group that advances State policies that drive solar markets like net metering or PURPA rules, who do you think of? The answer obviously is Vote Solar which focuses on creating markets across the Country for solar companies to participate in. Not driven by membership fees, Vote Solar relies on fundraisers and foundation dollars. Your budget should include a (very large) check to Vote Solar to keep your market open. Look out for the Equinox event that is happening in March.

Investing $500million. If you were in charge of investing BP’s $500million into renewable energy, how would you divide the investment?

Add More Lawsuits. Canadian manufacturers are not happy with Trump refusing to keep NAFTA rules in place to bring modules from Canada into the US. So they files suit!


Have a great day!