This is your SolarWakeup for January 11th, 2018

Solar From The People. Check out the Energy Future Project recently launched and run by an Obama/SolarCity alumni with a focus on building out the support solar gets from the American people. I often write about the 80%+ support we get from both sides of the aisle and tapping into that is exactly what this group is working on. Great write up from Frank Andorka, who brings some great coverage to the solar industry every day.

Cost And Value. I empathize with the sentiment. If a City wants to have 100% renewables that don’t carry any long term fuel costs and volatility, how does it weigh the cost of the upfront switch with the longterm benefits. Entering into contracts with a 3rd party is one way to do this but existing assets are sometimes beyond their breakeven point and only have to cover their fuel costs. So here is a hypothetical for you. In a City within a competitive power market, how would you provide 100% renewable energy and what would it cost if they gave you a 20 year contract.

Handout. The complaints from local solar companies eludes logic for me. I know that Florida’s solar market has been tough for them and watching a 20mw solar farm be built is painful especially if you are trying to make a living selling 50kw to the local business. Aside from the new argument that community solar is competitive with self generation, solar farms are not a business model for small contractors to work  on. Unless you have the bonding, balance sheet and safety records, you can’t compete with the general contractors that build these assets. This isn’t up to the IPP either, their lenders and tax equity investors require the contractor warranty to be something that can’t be found in a local contractor.

What The DPU. The DPU in Massachusetts is in the process of creating the new SMART program rules but is also tending to new business. Unfortunate to see Eversource ask for, and receive, demand charges for net metering customers. Step in the wrong direction according to policy advocates.

Storage In NY. Energy storage in New York is getting some traction in the news and legislation. Should it be part of the SolarWakeup Live! agenda? If so, what segment should be heard?

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