This is your SolarWakeup for December 7th, 2017

USTR Hearing. There is great video online of the rally organized by SEIA in front of the trade hearing that only allowed about 100 folks into the room, mostly those testifying and their attorneys. Folks inside the room said the officials asked good questions and seemed more in tune with the issue, in some instances trying to understand the nuances of the impacts that a tariff could create. Many predictions about the possible next steps but nothing will be certain until the President makes up his mind.

South Carolina. The PAC, Solar Powers America, is focused on South Carolina and its Governor. In particular, around the 201 trade issue, no State is more directly impacted by tariffs than South Carolina. In October, the Governor of South Carolina directly intervened with the President as covered by the article highlighted below. There are no boundaries around political parties and this is a great exhibit of that.

GOP Members. 6 US Senators, all republicans, sent a letter to the trade representative urging the board to stop further tariffs from being enacted. Notable are the two US Senators from South Carolina, continuing the theme of good lobbying having a proportional result. Also a new radio ad from Sean Hannity on this issue, ignore the Obama bashing (it’s the price of admission).

DC Live. Thank you to everyone that showed up at SolarWakeup Live! DC and our happy hour afterwards. I hope you enjoyed the drinks and the good time with your solar colleagues. The discussions were great and our speakers brought news to the audience, including timely conversations about tax reform. Stay tuned for those conversations to be released in the very near future.

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