This is your SolarWakeup for September 12th, 2017

A More Diverse Solar Industry. The Solar Foundation has come out with the 2017 Diversity Study that still shows solar coming in short in comparison to the overall workforce but ahead from where we came from. I am wondering what has caused some of these statistics to become reality but will think about it some more before putting pen to paper. The comments about moving up the ladder are particularly interesting and the impact of the lack of longevity in our sector that I have seen over the years.

SPI Starts. Obviously I am not there, which was sad for the empty chair at the 11am panel yesterday. I hope it is fruitful and you get to meet all the right people. Focus on the relationships and not the immediate value that the business card yields because things move quickly in this industry. Think about how many different cards you’ve brought to SPI in your career.

The Peak Demand.  The RPS is so 2007, except for the 100% RPS of course. The peak demand RPS will move the value of renewables to the peak of the customer’s demand. This will become known as the RPS for battery storage associated with renewables. Unless you are looking to wait for several years to develop renewables with a new interconnect and find offtakers, you need to add storage on your existing solar portfolio to shift your production peaks to meet this kind of requirement which will carry great value. Get used to me talking about dc coupling storage more often, I am infatuated with what solar with dc-storage will do to our industry.


Have a great day!