This is your SolarWakeup for September 8th, 2017

Contact My Agent. First, thank you to everyone for reaching out with your notes of encouragement and well wishes. Your offers of help and homes means a lot to me given that this newsletter is our only relationship in many instances. We are safely in Florida’s panhandle and hopefully after a few days here will be able to return home to a house that isn’t flooded and still standing. Now would be a great time for folks in California to contact me for offers to move out West. After 20 hours in the car, I have told my agent that a trade needs to be made because this isn’t something I want to do again.

Everyone Else Bring Data. SEIA is doing good work showing the trade commission that solar in the US creates local manufacturing jobs. Example after example shows that when solar is strong, innovation drives new investments to be made that create local jobs across the value chain and income range. In America, our money says “In God We Trust” but everyone else must bring data. Don’t tell me higher solar costs will create jobs, it didn’t and it won’t. Show me the jobs that grow when solar is a market based on competition and innovation.


Have a great day!