This is your SolarWakeup for August 11th, 2017

Happy Friday. Don’t forget, if you need money for good deals, let me know!

ITC Staff Report. The process is playing out as we speak. The trade commission staff has put a report together, essentially a review of the filings ahead of the September 22nd hearing. The petitioners seemed happy about the report which did highlight that US manufacturers have struggled over the past decade. I’d like to add some caveats in the form of questions because I think Suniva/SolarWorld should answer them. How much market cap/valuation has been lost by US manufacturers versus Chinese manufacturers? How much value has been lost in the downstream/development side of solar while panels dropped in price? Are publicly traded Chinese solar manufacturers lying when they say that $0.35/watt modules generate a profit?

SEIA Chimes In. I’m a fan, SEIA should do this more often. I applauded it when Tom Kimbis was CEO and wrote public comments. Keep doing it please.

National Labs On Notice. There is a war on science and we should not allow it.


Have a great day!