This is your SolarWakeup for August 9th, 2017

The second half of 2017 continues the trend of projects seeking capital. SolarWakeup is made possible by putting projects and capital together. If you are seeking capital, our clients may be interested. Note that our capital providers are cash in hand family offices. Email us by hitting reply to this email or forward it to your project finance colleagues.

2017 Tax Equity. Part of the difficulty of solar project finance is tax equity, especially mixed with expensive sponsor equity. We’ve been working hard on finding tax efficient money that does not require the complexity of a multiple member flip structure. When sponsor and tax equity is the same fund, everything gets done quicker and you make more money. It has taken a decade to drive appetite of this kind of investor to solar but here it is. There is still money available for about 20MW of projects that are built in 2017. I know you have projects that have investors bullshitting you, time to get something with certainty to the table.

Development Capital. Are you working on deals that need money for development? One of our partners added a development equity fund to help you with this. This is a capital partner I have personally used and want to introduce to the SolarWakeup family. As a developer you should focus on development without needing to use your children’s college fund to get the deal to NTP.

Delay With Certainty, Please. To continue the topic from yesterday, which many of you commented on. Moving the on peak from 11am to 4pm is troublesome because it doesn’t allow for sufficient transition time from the current times. Yes, solar knew the time would change but the CPUC has taken some time to get to this point. Customers have been standing back from doing deals given the uncertainty, especially in the C&I market. If customers don’t know the rules, they don’t know the risks and they are unlikely to sign up. The CPUC should set the new times but should delay the changeover date to allow industry to get ready with technology and financing to align with the new systems that will be needed.


Have a great day!