This is your SolarWakeup for May 18th, 2017

Big Batteries Are Coming. One of the leading developers in solar is coming out with big batteries to add to their solar farms. This is no surprise as curtailment becomes an increasing topic and ancillary services add potential revenue. The storage market is getting consolidated quickly, with another acquisition this week of Greensmith by Wartsila. How will projects get executed? Both large scale and behind the meter C&I? Those are questions I am looking to answer on the road show. I have ideas and thoughts but want the market to tell me what they are seeing on the ground. This is the ultimate coordination of software and hardware. Companies have to be really good at both, which is really hard.

But I Thought. News came out yesterday that the majority shareholder of Suniva, Shunfeng, wasn’t supportive of 201 petition. Keep in mind that Shunfeng also owns whatever is left of Suntech. Now Yingli is looking precarious according to reporting. Without a doubt a major brand in module manufacturing, Yingli has gone through tough times. So with all of this talk from Suniva about dumping and cutthroat markets, it doesn’t seem to be limited to US cell manufacturers. Global manufacturers are in the same boat and only those that have the become more efficient in manufacturing can make it. Take a look at the computer chip market. How many manufacturers make up the top 80% of market share? And then compare that to the solar module market.

The Energy Storage Road Show is moving forward now scheduling the week of June 5th in Los Angeles!

A Budget to Forget. Later this summer, Congress has to either pass a budget or go for another continuing resolution to keep the Government open. Last month, President Trump said a shutdown may be required but assuming that doesn’t happen and Congress passes a budget for the first time in a really long time, Trump is looking to cut clean energy budgets dramatically.


Have a great day!