This is your SolarWakeup for March 20th, 2017

Back on the road. Heading up to New York for some meetings. The solar industry is being noticed by the media, apparently headlines with solar in them get read big-league.

What’s smart in Mass? Whispers are starting in Mass, extension for SREC II and the setup for the SMART program. Haven’t heard the unhappiness like during last year’s negotiations but there is still time I guess. If you are in the middle of this, shoot me a note and let me know which way this is going? MA has been a lucrative market for many, so it will need to sustain itself.

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A billion here, a billion there. Tesla is bringing in more money, there are plenty of places to use it. The giga-factory is getting finished. Model 3 production is getting started. And of course, SolarCity is still doing a gigawatt per year. One thing that appears not to be on the spending plan is policy. It’s the opposite of an Uber approach. Tesla has been fighting solar policies across the Country and now EV regulations are on the docket.

West Virginia. I’ve been there once. And only at the airport. For many of us that’s how much we know about West Virginia. I empathize with the people though. During the industrial revolution, the people of West Virginia were tasked with powering the Country by risking their lives and health in coal mines. They were promised the ability to own a home and grow a family by earning a decent wage, creating a better future for their children. Science came along and educated many, them included, about the damaging effects of coal powered electricity and being inside the mines. In some ways, the entire Country should be thinking of ways to get coal mining communities back to prosperity.


Have a great day!