This is your SolarWakeup for March 17th, 2017

Buy a ticket to Equinox. Vote Solar does great things and you should give them at least $100 per year. In return you get to go to Equinox, a great party, or just buy a ticket to support the group. Most importantly, I am on the host committee which means we compete to see who can drive the most traffic to ticket purchases. My proposal to you again. If you buy a ticket, email me the receipt and you will be recognized. If you buy 10 tickets or donate $1000, you get to write a paragraph in a future edition. If you want to donate more, email me and I’ll figure out a way to get you even more exposure. Ticket link here.

Paid for Regulators. What did you expect? Regulators to…regulate?

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No, No, No. Close your eyes and think of an agency you like that relates to climate change, clean air or solar. Trump’s budget likely cuts the funding for it. Be thankful that the President doesn’t pass the budget, that’s a job for Congress. Good think Congress doesn’t take it very seriously.

More layoffs. Good reporting by PV-Magazine on an unhappy topic. More corporate alignments happening in the solar space.


Have a great day!