This is your SolarWakeup for February 15th, 2017

2016, What a year! Congrats to everyone for a stunning achievement. We blew by 10GW and ended the year with over 14.6GW of total capacity.

The Florida Way. After a constitutional amendment passes in Florida, it shall not immediately be so. The legislature has to pass an implementation bill outlining how it becomes law. Amendment 4 was the commercial property tax exemption that was voted on overwhelmingly by the voters and now a bill is starting to move. The legislature starts in March and goes for 60 days. The only required bill that Florida legislators have to pass is the budget, expected to top $80bb this year but don’t miss the fireworks because there is some infighting already.

Iowa! Wouldn’t it be great if solar becomes a thing in Iowa? The first in the nation State with solar policy to campaign on? It’s worth the fight for the solar industry just for that in my opinion.

NRG Activists. No, not the type you saw on TV campaigning against coal plants. This time you have activist investors getting themselves on the board. I find it peculiar that NRG touts its greenness, of which they have stuff to talk about, when they need to deploy capital with good returns. But when it comes to blaming the issues the company has, it somehow always goes back to David Crane and his ‘crazy’ ideas about electric vehicles and solar panels. I’d like Mauricio to stand up and explain that the green NRG makes NRG money!


Have a great day!